Man Builds Dog Train To Take Rescued Strays On Fun Rides

A weird incident, but still worthy of wonder and admiration. Eugene Bostick, 80, living in Fort Worth, Texas on a dead-end street was confronted with a peculiar embarrassment. Many locals of the neighbourhood used to bring their unwanted dogs and leave them behind on the street to roam about uncared for. Dismayed at this, Eugene wanted to take those dogs around in his tractor. Not only that. Eugene adopted them, gave them shelter, good food, medical treatment and everything the dogs needed.
Now Eugene plans to fabricate dog-trains from out of plastic barrels. His welder-friend helped him with his fabrication skills. Eugene attached all the dog trains one behind the other, and pulled them all using his tractor, twice a week on fun rides. The joy of the dogs knew no bounds. This is also a way of rearing dogs and keep them happy.
Word count: 138 (13-04-2016)

Photo Credit: Facebook/Tiffany Johnson